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Sri Lanka has a long history,as an ancient country there are so many historical valuable places to visit here.There are ruins of the ancient kingdoms such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa etc: .Not only the historical values but also Sri Lanka is famous for its natural beauty too.It is sorrounded by a marvellous beach side and also when you travel to the up country ,there are beautiful views which contains mountains,tea estates,waterfalls,rivers etc :
In my site,I have mentioned some of the places you can visit here,but I must say that there are so many places to see here more than I mentioned.So,I just want to give you brief descriptions,But believe me....You can get the best experience if you choose Sri Lanka as your destination. And I guarantee to give you the best experience as a tour operator.

Sigiriya  Sigiriya is the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka. The site was selected by King Kasyapa (477 t0 495 CE) for his new capital. He built his palace on the top of this rock and decorated its sides with colourful frescoes.This is located in the central Matale District near town of Dambulla of the Central province of Sri Lanka.
Dambulla Dambulla cave temple is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla , is a World Heritage Site (1991) in Sri Lanka, situated in the central part of the country.It is the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka.
Auradhapura The Anuradhapura Kingdom, named for its capital city, was the first established kingdom in ancient Sri Lanka. Founded by King Pandukabhaya in 377 BC.The famous paintings and structures at Sigiriya; the Ruwanwelisaya, Jetavana stupas, and other large stupas; large buildings like the Lovamahapaya can be seen in Anuradhapura.
Adams Peak
Adam's Peak Adam's Peak is well known for the Sri Pada "Sacred footprint" of Buddha. The mountain is most often scaled from December to May. During other months it is hard to climb the mountain due to very heavy rain, extreme wind, and thick mist.
Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993. It comprises, besides the Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas, the monumental ruins of the fabulous garden-city created by Parakramabahu I in the 12th century.Galviharaya, Samadhi Statue of Buddha, Nishankalatha Mandapaya, etc: can be seen here.
Dalada Maligawa
Dalada Maligawa- Kandy Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a Buddhist temple in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of Buddha. Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and is a UNESCO world heritage site partly due to the temple.
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is an orphanage for wild Asian elephants located at Pinnawala village,which is located in kegalle town in sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka.Pinnawalla is notable for having the largest herd of captive elephants in the world.
Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya is a city, in the hill country of the Central Province, Sri Lanka.This city contains with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate. It is considered to be the most important location for Tea Production in Sri Lanka.
Negombo Negombo is a major city in Sri Lanka, located on the west coast of the island and at the mouth of the Negombo Lagoon, in Western Province, Sri Lanka. Negombo is the fifth largest city in the country after the capital.Negombo is known for its huge and old fishing industry with busy fish markets and sandy beaches.
Hortan Plains
Hortan Plains Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest.Hortan Plains has a rich biodiversity and many species found here are endemic to the region.The sheer precipice of World's End and Baker's Falls are among the tourist attractions of the park.
Mirissa  Crack open a coconut, slip into a hammock and rock gently in the breeze, allowing the hours, days and even weeks to slip calmly by. Whale and Dolphin watching is an easy sport that you can take up during the months of December to April. All you need to take is a boat, few kilometers from the shore, which we can help you arrange. Experienced local guides can show you a good time in watching whales and dolphins off the coast of Mirissa.
Wasgamuwa Wasgamuwa National Park is a natural park in Sri Lanka situated in the Matale and Polonnaruwa Districts . Wasgamuwa is one of protected areas where Sri Lankan Elephants can be seen in large herds. It is also one of the Important Bird Areas in Sri Lanka.
Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa, a popular tourist destination in the Galle District is renowned for it's beach and the corals. Hikkaduwa was one of the original resorts that opened Sri Lanka to beach ... You can dive, swim and snorkel with parrot fish, barracuda and green turtles.The Coral Garden here is considered to be the best out of all such coral gardens found in Asia. Hikkaduwa's beach and night life make it a popular tourist destination. A well-known international destination for board-surfing.Five out of the seven species of sea Turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka , making it an ideal country to go Turtle Watching.
Yala YALA NATIONAL PARK, one of Sri Lanka 's premier eco tourism destinations and YALA is among the oldest and best known of Sri Lanka 's National Parks.Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka.This park is famously known for its highest concentration of leopard in the world.
Trincomalee Trincomalee is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. There are only four or five others comparable to Trincomalee.Nilaveli beach is considered one of the purest white sand beaches in Asia.Pigeon Island, with its powdery white sands and glittering coral gardens, tantalises with possibilities. The island, a breeding ground for rock pigeons, is beautiful enough, with rock pools and paths running through thickets, but it’s the underwater landscape that’s the real star. The reef here is shallow, making snorkelling almost as satisfying as diving, and it’s home to dozens of corals, hundreds of reef fish (including blacktip reef sharks), and turtles.
Pasikuda-Batticaloa Batticaloa is a major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.And the city is surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon. Batticaloa is said to be the land of the singing fish.Pasikuda beach, recognized as one of safest beaches in Sri lanka is very famous among the travelers who travel around the Sri Lanka .
Kumana Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka is renowned for its avifauna, particularly its large flocks of migratory waterfowl and wading birds which is located in the south-east corner of Sri Lanka.This is one of the best locations to experience Sri Lankan bird life. The Kumana National Park makes for excellent birding safaris, wildlife and tented safari camping opportunities.
Udawalawa Udawalawe National Park, the sixth largest animal sanctuary of Sri Lanka is the best place in Asia to see herds of Asian Elephants, the pachyderms in the wild.Sri Lankan Elephant Safaris in the Udawalawe National Park. The best place to observe Sri Lankan Elephants in their natural habitat.

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